Friday 12 September 2014

Last of the Scavenger Hunt

So here we are with the last of the Scavenger Hunt.

1 A sign welcoming people to your  home town.

2 A garden gnome.  I was walking back from the shops and took a shortcut through the cemetery to get to the road where I knew the sign above was.  I was planning to drive to the local garden centre to find a gnome and to my surprise I found one on top of a grave.

11 A horn.  These aren't strictly horns but they are horn-shaped.  They are the pipes of an organ and I was standing underneath them.

12 A mascot.  I looked up the meaning of Mascot: A person, animal, or object believed to bring good luck, especially one kept as the symbol of an organization such as a sports team.  When I was clearing out my Dad's things I found this St. Christopher which many people wear as they believe it ensures safe travel.

And lastly a parade - number 14.   This row of shops is known as Dovehouse Parade.  You may be able to see that the Dry Cleaners is called 'on parade'.

If you want to see the results of other peoples' scavenger hunts, pop over to Gallo Organico.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. What a fun idea. It would be great for pre wedding guests and teen parties. A cheap disposable camera and small list of items. What fun they would have getting to know the location better or rediscovering things about their hometown. Enjoy your posts! Thanks

  2. Great parade, never thought of that. BJ

  3. congratulations on getting them all!

  4. Wonder if Rinda knew how many shops were going to appear in that parade item? Congratulations on finishing.

  5. Brilliant - a long time now since I saw that particular welcome sign or walked down Dovehouse parade. Great interpretation.
    Margaret #18

  6. GReat finds Bernice! That's a lovely picture of the organ, and I like the stories of the gnome and your dad's medal. Thanks for participating!

  7. I love your parade photo as these houses are so cute (and you caught a great perspective). Great job on he Hunt! :)
    Nathalie #22

  8. I was just explaining to my husband the other day that I knew a line of shops to be a parade too. Love your gnome by the way, so cute

  9. Clever idea for the parade shot!

  10. Love your pretty town sign with its flowers.


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