Saturday 1 November 2014

Advent in November: Day 1

Welcome to Advent in November.  The inspiration for this blog post can be found here.  Information about how I started my tags can be found here and here and my Advent Journal here.

I took one of the tags I had already embossed and painted the tag with acrylic paint.  When this was dry I went over the embossed parts with white Pan Pastel.   I inked round the edge of the tag and stuck the number on.

The other side of the tag is for the Christmas story.  I used gold acrylic paint through a stencil.  I cut up the Bible Verse for today and inked the edges.

I glued the verse on, added some Washi tape and the number and inked around the edge of the tag.

Here are two sides before I stuck them together with double-sided tape.

Advent Journal
Here's the page ready for Day 1.

And here's the finished page with journaling and added stockings.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Great verse and lovely inspiring work.

  2. Inspiring first day. I love the fact that the tag is double thicknes as it not only allows for differing techniques but makes the tag much more durable and the completed Advent Calendar can become part of our family tradition. Thanks Bernice.

  3. Love your tags! This is great, I am beginning to get an understanding now what to do after seeing the artwork. I am out of ink in my printer, so got to get crackin'!


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