Saturday 27 December 2014

Road Trip 2014 (photo heavy!)

For 18 days in November and early December Roger and I went to the south-eastern United States.   We flew into Orlando and then travelled north through Georgia and into South Carolina before crossing Florida to the Gulf Coast for Thanksgiving.  Then we drove across Florida to the Atlantic Coast to stay with my friend Diane.

I prepared a travel journal before I went and took it with me so I could write in it every day.  However it stayed in the suitcase most of the time!  It is made from a Teresa Collins kit with a 10" by 8" 3-ring binder.

When I got home I ordered 100 photos as 4 large collage sheets from Photobox.

I cut these up and worked out where they should be in the journal.  I glued them down and then wrote around them.  I included various bits of leaflets and maps that I had picked up while we were there.

Thanks for sticking with it to the end of the poast.  I hope you enjoyed my travel journal.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Wow! What an impressive feat! Your album is beautiful.

  2. Love it Bernice! It sounds a brilliant idea to prepare the journal in advance and I am inspired to do the same. I have a road trip planned for April and my friend gave me a set of Teresa Collins travel papers for Christmas. She must have known i will want to record this trip! As for yours, wow! That sounds and looks one amazing experience, you will have memories to last forever.

  3. Looks like a great trip Bernice.

  4. Beautiful travel journal, Bernice!


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