Saturday 28 February 2015

The Father Heart of God journal

The Father Heart of God Bible Study has finished but before we leave it altogether I thought I would show you the cover I made.

I used a heart stencil and 3 colours of Distress Ink.

I used some alphabet stickers which don't show up too well but I really love the letters so I don't mind.

I measured some ribbon to use as a closer.

I made a hole through the ribbon and the paper and added a brad.  The split pin on the back doesn't show up too omuch and I could put something over it to hide it if it bothers me later!

Here is the ribbon tied so that the zigzag book doesn't fall open.

I made a video of the whole journal.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I wasn't in this group I don't think Bernice but I had to tell you the cover you made is beautiul! Did you that watercolor paper that is made out of cotton and wood pulp? I saw some today and the edges are just like that, like a cloth more than paper.

  2. It's just beautiful Bernice! I am doing this study week by week through Lent as I read The Prodigal Son by Henri Nouwen too and focus on my Father's heart to me. Thanks for sharing this study with us and your process. I LOVE your booklet. I need to find such a stencil!

  3. Hi Bernice, your journal has come together beautifully. What a lovely way to to reflect on the scriptures. A truly beautiful journal.


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