Tuesday 3 February 2015

Take Me Deeper: Transform Purposefully

The last prompt for Take Me Deeper in January is about transforming purposefully.  I read through the prompt quite quickly and then started on the background.  Quite often I try to play and don't think about having any meaning in the background and afterwards people will mention something that see in it that's relevant to the theme.

This time I immediately thought of maps and arrows as a way to show purpose.  I cut myself a template of an arrow and drew round it to cut out arrows from an old map.

I made some small arrows too and stuck them down on my journal page.

I put a very thin layer of gesso over the top of the pages.

I put a pale blue covering of acrylic paint but it didn't really look very good.

So I added some more colour and wiped off some of the colour on the arrows.

I drew round the arrows with a turquoise pen.

I drew the journaling boxes and stamped the butterflies and the compass.

I used alphabet stickers to put the words  Transform Purposefully.  I printed out the verse, cut it up and inked the edges.

Then I wrote in the words and added my journaling.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoy seeing your interpretations of the weekly studies on Take Me Deeper. I recently joined HKC, but have never done bible studies before. I was raised in the Catholic faith and have an inderstanding of parts of the bible through weekly homilies, but have always wanted to read and understand the bible as a whole, so I joined HKC via exposure through your blog posts. So right now I am just trying to understand and interpret the weekly studies let alone attempting to apply an artful interpretation. Following you the past 2 years or so, you introduced me to an enjoyful way to understanding God's word. You also introduced me to Hillsong United, which has been another very enjoyable and pleasant way to understanding God's word and love. So thank you for continualed sharing of your love of our Father and his word through Art. ((((HUGS)))) Kimmie

    1. Thank you. Let me know if I can help you in any way to develop creative responses.


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