Thursday 16 July 2015

I've started!

Remember this post about Rinda's Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt?

It's been 6 weeks since it started and it's only this week that I've managed to get out and look for things.  Of course I hadn't read the list before we went out - or taken a hard copy with me for that matter.  However I could read the blog post on my phone which helped.   We were visiting Melbourne Hall gardens so I thought I might find the columns.

Mmm.  Not so much.    I found a column of trees that formed an arch.

I found a column of Lime trees and their shadows.

I found three pools with fountains that you could at a pinch describe as a a column of fountains!

Then we moved on to visit the Staunton Harald estate.  And there were a plethora of columns - plus it turned out the instructions said 'architectural columns'.  Although landscape gardeners do talk about 'architectural planting'.  Here's a door with columns.

And round the corner was the front of the building with lots of columns.

And then as we walked down to the lake there were gate columns and their reflection.

Sadly all the lakes we saw were man-made rather than a natural body of water and whilst we paid to get in at a ticket booth I hadn't realised that was on the list.

Still, it's a start.  I can cross off #6 on the list.  Only another 20 to go!

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Great shots Bernice, and I love your thinking outside the box in regard to the columns. It looks a beautiful house and garden. Good luck with the rest... I suggest you print a copy and carry it with you like I do now. I missed opportunities too!

  2. Wow! So word is column? You sure did find some amazing results! I'm impressed! I wish I had time for photography challenges. They are fun.

  3. Beautiful! And welcome to the fun!


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