Friday 25 March 2016

Busy, busy!

I spent last weekend with friends at Art from the Heart.  The weekend actually started on Thursday.

I spent a couple of hours at the NEC on the Thursday morning having a quick gallop around the show that was on and then helping Steph Redfern on her stand.  To begin with there weren't many people around so I had a great time talking to Steph which was really helpful.

Then I drove up to Harrogate where as I was early, I visited Harlow Carr Gardens.   I've been a couple of times before but not at this time of the year.  The light was fantastic for taking photos.

Friday's workshop was called The Creative Scroll.  Dina is extremely generous in sharing ideas, knowledge and experience in these workshops which is why I love them so much.

I started work on my scroll with the canvas this way.

But this is the almost finished piece.  This is how far I got on Friday.  It now needs some writing on it and some stitching.

And a close up

Saturday's class was Finding Joy in Abstraction.  Dina led us through a variety of exercises and then we did one larger piece.  When I showed it Roger he asked me if it was the right way up!

After lunch we were given a stretched canvas each.   I started working on mine this way up.

But then decided it was better this way.   It still needs some work doing to it but it was still wet 

And on to Sunday which was a journal making class.  I love Dina's way of working - she gives you a pile of papers and gives out instructions for a technique and through the morning you end up with bits like this.

And then in the afternoon you assemble it all and it ends up like this:

I think the book is also still a work in progress.  It would benefit from some stitching on it.  I have a new-to-me sewing machine just waiting to be used.  I've had it 6 months and only once switched it on to see if it was ok.  I'm not sure why I have struggled with actually putting it up on the table and using it.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. I love all the signs of spring in your photos! Looks like the class was great. :)


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