Monday 28 March 2016

Looking for my voice

On Facebook, Hilary Beattie challenged me to post a piece of my artwork everyday for 7 days.  Today is day 5.

I thought to make life simpler I would find photos of 7 pieces of work and keep them in a folder on my computer so I could post one every day without having to search for something.

This was a piece I made on a Hilary Bower workshop.

This piece is called The Prophet's Mantle and is loosely based on Exodus 28.

This piece is probably called Alpha & Omega and was made at a workshop taught by Yvonne Morton.

This is a mixed media piece from one of my journals.

This is a collage I did at a workshop with Seth Apter.  I still haven't decided whether it is finished.

I made these tags at a workshop at The Bramble Patch taught by Angie Hughes.

And this is another mixed media piece that was pubished in Art Journal Kickstarter.

You may remember I talked recently about what I had learned from my month of sketchbook work in February: what did I learn?

Seth Apter wrote this excellent article: 7 ways to own your own voice. His 7 ways are Play, Step Out, Play Favourites, Obsess Less, Keep a style file, Journal It, and Four Score.

What themes could I see once I'd chosen the seven pieces of work shown above?
1. layers
2. pastel colours mostly or neutrals
3. lots of 'white space' - even if it isn't white
4. text

What themes do you see in these pieces of work?

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Nice to see some of your work together here. I see blocks of pattern in lots of your work, especially noticeable in the first three and the tags. I like this.


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