Thursday 3 March 2016


In January I told you how I am combining my One Little Word, 'I am' tags and my Unplanner all in one binder.

I managed to keep up with February although some days I didn't do anything other than art so at the end of the month I printed out some small photos of the pages of my February Challenge Sketchbook.

February Divider
I planned to put a large photo of snowdrops on this page and at one point thought I might have to find a photo from a previous year.  However we eventually did go out and find some.

Week 1
The theme for the I am statements for February was  'Made in the image of God'.  I don't usually include photos of peoplein my art but managed to do it this time on each tag.

Week 2

The List Ten for this month was about things I shouldn't have done and one of the art challenges was Gratitude so I decided to list 10 things I'm thankful for.

Week 3

Week 4

One Little Word
The assignment for February was to practice something everyday and record it.  I used my February sketchbook as my art practice everyday.

I damaged my back at the beginning of the month and wasn't able to do the Salsa exercise I had planned to do.  I was eventually able to do short walks.  The back is ok now so hopefully in March I will be able to exercise more frequently.  Just have to find the motivation!

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  1. Wonderful journal which I know you will treasure for years and in a hundred years there is no telling what relatives will treasure this also. It will be a piece of the past come back to life and enrich them so much.

  2. It's looking great Bernice, well done in keeping up momentum.
    Sorry to hear about your back, glad it is on the mend and hope you feel fully recovered soon.

  3. I have a little notebook like yours Bernice and yours is what I need to do with mine. I think you've done a great job! Mines still sitting in there with nothing even in it. I've got the paper and all the little things to go in it and haven't started it yet. You've given me the nudge to start mine out. So sorry to hear about your back but at least it's getting better and walking helps. My back is a little too messed up but I'm going to try and go walking again. It seems to make mine worse rather then better. God bless Bernice.

  4. So many awesome things in one place! I'm doing One Little Word this year, too, and your album is inspiring.


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