Monday 20 June 2016

June Sketchbook challenge

I did a Sketchbook challenge in February which I managed to complete.  And I wrote about what I learned through the challenge.

I tried again with the April one but got distracted and so set about the June one with some hesitation.  The theme for June is Journey.

I decided I would use an exercise in Kim Thittichai's book Experimtental Textiles to get me started.  It's called The Journey and you draw with several thicknesses of brush and some black acrylic paint.

Day 1:  My picture is the journey of a river.

Then using L shaped cards to frame areas on the picture you trace sections.

Day 2:  Sections from the picture above

Day 3:  A couple of sections scanned into the computer and manipulated.

Day 4: A section traced with parts left out to make a different image

Day 5: Another section traced with parts left out to make a different image

Day 6: Yesterday's drawing enlarlged on the computer

Day 7: The same section drawn out in repeating patterns

 Day 8: The image on the left taken and refdrawn to be a square image

Day 9: One of  the repeating patterns coloured in with Inktense crayons

Then I got sidetracked by the weekend at Art from the Heart that I told you about in this post.  And since then I have been painting the pages in another sketchbook.

On Saturday I visited a textile exhibition locally and saw a couple of ideas for other sketchbooks.  Watch this space!

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. It all came out really well in the end didn't it? I know you htought you struggled with it at the time. Well done you.


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