Monday 6 June 2016

Almost finished or possibly not!

In my post I've been a bit busy! I showed you the start of my pages in my Art-full Attaché.  I have continued to work on it and I can now reveal two thirds of the Attaché journal.

This journal is not a prerequisite of the Finding Sanctuary workshop but I know that if I just take lots of photos, bits of paper with quotes on and other stuff on the supply list with me, I will waste a considerable part of the 3 days trying to make up my mind what I am doing.  This journal will hopefully pin my ideas down a bit more.

The cover with the handles showing

The front page

I've added quotes since you saw this page last

I used a paper napkin on this page and the one above

More pages

On the right is a plastic pocket to put bits and pieces in.  I collected feathers from the beach so I may put those in there or the spare photos that I have.

The third signature in my Attaché journal is about the inside of my friend's house so I won't be sharing most of those photos and pages here.

I am hoping that when I am on the Finding Sanctuary course I will be able to add to this journal.  I know that Hilary will talk to us about making our own stamps and I envisage making some using the bird outlines.  I shall then stamp them on the pages of my journal.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Love the texture on the cover of your journal.�� And all the wonderful elements on your pages. Thankyou for sharing Bernice.

  2. Really cool journal. I love the handles. hugs, Teresa

  3. GORGEOUS and you really nailed the beach feel with your colors and texture! The background really brings all the pictures together and enhances the joy of looking back at your time at the beach.

  4. Praise God for your talent! The backgrounds are so cool!


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