Monday 13 June 2016

Studio Day

The last time I worked on my Venice project was during a studio day at Ineke Berlyn's studio.   I wrote about the last time and here's an update.

It's such a privilege to be able to use Ineke's studio at Littleheath Barn.  Today Ineke's daughter Liske was in attendance as well so we had double the input.

Last time I had decided I was going to make a book with my fabric.

This time I decided I wanted to make each piece smaller and not make it into a book.  I cut the intended pages down to 7 inches square.

Then I chose bits of paper and fabric to glue down on the squares.

When the glue was dry I stamped and printed on top. They are now ready to stitch.

I managed to spread myself across a whole table big enough for 4 people to work at!

A fabulous day and I feel I achieved something.  Just need to keep up the momentum and stitch!

Thanks for stopping by.

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