Saturday 6 August 2016

Rust & Decay

Later in the year I am attending a workshop called The Poetry of Decay at The Bramble Patch.  I have no idea what photographic inspiration I will need for that but during our trip to Suffolk and Essex I took the opportunity to take lots of photographs of rust and decay.  107 actually.  However rest assured I'm not sharing all of them here.

There were lots of chains and decaying boats - so here are a few of the photos without explanation.




And my favourite - can you guess why?

And if you want to indulge yourself in rust and decay here's my Pinterest board.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Great shots to start with Bernice. I must make a start myself. :-)

  2. I am blown away by that first photo Bernice. I love them all, but that really stands out. I think I recognise the anchor - Pinmill? I have a couple of photos of that, if it is the one.
    I'm glad you managed to get so many wonderful photos for the workshop - these certainly will give you some scope. It made me question whether I should use local scenes such as these, since I have a good few and these are some of my favourite things to photograph. I am lucky to have so many estuaries nearby and I get withdrawal symptons if I don't visit regularly; but I think I will probably stick to the sewing machines, which was your great idea. It would be good to push myself outside my comfort zone and do something different.
    Looking forward to doing the course with you and these photos certainly gave my day a good start.

  3. Incredible photos Bernice! I bet you now notice rusty and decaying things everywhere you go!


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