Saturday 29 October 2016

Extex 5 Session 4

At the beginning of each session we have a show and tell of what we have done for homework.  There is such a variety of things to see as people go off in different directions.

I had sewn three of my six 'panels' and will continue with the other three during the next few weeks.

Session 4: Still Life
We had each been asked to bring three items from home for Kim to set up a Still Life for us to draw and to paint.
Kim's photo

I did these on the Saturday.

On Sunday we had to choose one of them to tear up so I used the picture above and then reassembled it and started to stitch.

Kim wasn't very impressed with the dark stitching up the right hand side and when I showed it to Roger he wasn't either.  I decided to remove it.

One of my issues with work I do is that I often stop too soon.  Sometimes it's because I don't know what to do next and sometimes because I just get fed up and go on to the next thing!  Kim encouraged me to keep stitching and this how it looks now.   I'm looking forward to showing it to Kim today to see if it's done or whether there's more to do.

In addition I sorted out some more of my workbook.   I had taken photos of the 'panels' and had printed them out in case I wanted to work out where to stitch on them.  I tore them up and collaged them onto a page in my workbook.

I cut rectangles from another page so that parts of the collage peek through.

I printed out the photos of the Still Life and put them into my workbook.

I put together some of the torn paper left over from the large picture and put that in the book with a photo of the original.

And photos of the work in progress.

I'm looking forward to this weekend which is about knitting, felting, needle-felting and weaving.

Thansk for stopping by.

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