Saturday 22 October 2016

Paper Transformations

Last week I went to Art Van Go for two days to do a workshop with Amanda Hislop called: Paper Transformations - Taking Paper Books Further.  I went with my friend Sandie.

The first activity was to choose a size of page you wanted your finsihed book to be and then to make some pages to that size using different kinds of papers.  I chose to make an 8 inch square book.  While we were waiting for the glue to dry we started the next activity.

Amanda introduced us to mark making using various tools and inks.  We also added water with a brush.

We moved on to making marks on the pages we had assembled.

We used a wax candle as a resist

Lots of my pages were more than 8 inches square so that I could have folded bits.

On the second day more mark making activity went on.  Then I started assembling various bits and pieces.

This is a brown envelope with added painted papers made into a mini zigzag book.

This is a piece of Khadi paper folded and pieces of one of the painted papers cut up and stuck on.  It needs stitching or some more marks with pen.

This is the start of a collage.

Remember the decison to make an 8 inch square book!  Well this is it!!!!  8 inches by 4 inches

I folded the pages so that they were 8 inches square and then folded them in half to make signatures.

The large sheets of mark making were cut and folded to make zigzag books

And lastly I cut up the square I had done just with ink and water and stuck it on to Khadi paper.

Lots of lovely starting points for future work.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Looks like loads of fun was had! :-) Well done you.

  2. What fun we had! Loved seeing these again and reliving the memories. I loved what you did especially your 8 inch book.

  3. So beautiful Bernice! I always enjoy your blog! You inspire me!


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