Saturday 8 October 2016

It seemed a very long walk to me!

This week Roger and I went for a walk - we haven't been for a walk together for ages.  This one according to the book was 4.5 miles however it seemed a lot longer than that to me.

I decided to take photos of light and shadows as well as the usual landscape photos I take.  The walk was around Cleeve Hill in Worcestershire.

The first part of our walk was to a lovely pub for lunch.  You can see the River Avon in the background.

 The signs that Autumn is here.





At the end of the walk was this amazing Tithe Barn which may have been built in 1250AD.

Inside the cider press.

 The cider press building with the church behind the orchard.

 The Manor House

 It was a lovely walk, a great pub lunch and a fabulous day.

Thanks for stopping by.

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