Saturday 3 December 2016

Art Cloth update

You may remember I shared about the Art Cloth earlier this month.  This was how the cloth was when I had washed it.

I recently attended the last day of the course.  When I got there everyone who had used the turquoise was talking about how the colour had washed out.  Very strange!

I used a quarter of a Michelle Ward stencil from her Gothic Collection to draw an outline to have made into a Thermofax screen.   I used the masked off stencil and the screen across the cloth.  I made myself a quarter circle mask so that I could work through it.

I used a crackle pattern thermofax screen through the quadrant mask with black fabric paint and then sponged through the mask with silver grey fabric paint.  I also used one of Ineke's lace thermofax screens.

When all the black and grey was dry I went back with some pearlised white with a touch of teal mixed in.

The finished painted and patterned cloth.

I'm going to put this on top of two layers of fabric and then machine it.  I was planning to machine straight lines between the circles.  However the photograph shows lines for squares so now I'm not sure which lines to machine.

What would you do?

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. This is beautiful. Am inclined to spirals myself with maybe shallow wavy lines to rest the eye.

  2. Wow - love that! The design is really appealing


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