Saturday 10 December 2016

7 days of December Daily

You may remember that I said I was going to do December Daily this year in this Preparation post.

In this post I thought I would show you what happened to the cover and the first few pages.

The cover

I added some washi tape and some wire stars on the front and tied some ribbon round the spine of the binder.

This title page didn't change much.

 I just added a little wooden tree. tree.

Here is the start of the pages.

I printed out a large version of a scripture from the Advent Study I'm following: Kris Cameally's The Weight of Waiting.   I particularly like this verse.   I changed some of the things around in the 2x2" pockets page.

This shows the back of the original layout of the pockets and the start of the diary page.

I added some 'toppers' from last year's Christmas Card from Sandie and added a wooden hexagon.

This was going to be my Day 2 page but as I hadn't done Day 1 in the place I had planned I had to move it to here.

I typed up my Intentions and stuck it to the back of the diary page.  I stamped 'joy' on the card and  wrote about the Thursday evening meeting of my Lifegroup from church.  I moved the No. ONE from the pockets and put it here with one of the Advent study pieces of artwork.

This was planned for Day 3.

However it became both Day 2 and Day3.   I wrote about feeling that I don't have a story to tell each day but that I am determined to finish the project even if it turns out more like a diary.  On Day 3 I was on my ExTex course and we were all invited to Dia's for a meal on Saturday evening.  I took some photos whilst I was there.

The next page doesn't really belong to a particular day. 

I was given permission to download Donna's photo of her table decoration and I thought I would put it here.  I also wrote about what happened the night before at Dia's.  I filled the other two pockets with decoration.

On to Day 4

My cousin gave me a Christmas Card when we met up on November 29th.  I have put the card in here because I thought it fitted well with the background page..  We are meeting up again on December 20th so I will come back to write inside the card about our getting together. 

Day 5

In the morning of Day 5 we FaceTimed with our son, daughter-in-law and grandson.  A bit later Naomi put a short video on Instagram and I was able to snip a photo of Crusoe from it.  I put it into Publisher and put my journaling onto the photo.  In the evening the ladies that I meet with monthly to play with mixed media came and collaged a photo of what they each did.

Day 6
I only needed to do something on the large left hand side.

I had a really frustrating day and I didn't have a story that I wanted to tell.  I saw a page in the DD group that Amy had done for day 5 and I thought I could use the idea for Day 6.

I found some different sizes of 6 in the colour scheme I am using.

I found some arrows washi tape and put it on in groups of down and up arrows.  I wrote what had frustrated me by the down arrow and the good I could find in the situation next to the up arrow.  It certainly eased the frustrations finding a different point of view.

Day 7

I was stuck for what to write for Day 7.  Roger had helped make the window logo stickers look better and then I had worked on my December Daily book.  I didn't have much room either so I took a photo of the sum total of my preparations for Christmas and using Publisher wrote a sentence on the photo before printing it out.

I put the artwork for the Advent Study and the number.  Between day 6 and day 7 there was a transparency which I stuck a wooden reindeer onto.

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  1. It's such a good idea to prepare in advance. I might try and follow your example next year. Loved that you used pieces in your book that I sent you last Christmas!


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