Friday 17 February 2017

Adventures in Seeing #calltoadventure6

The theme for this week has been about the strength of small things.  We were challenged to photograph small things that show their strength or their importance to us.  I knew immediately when I read the challenge that I would take this photo.
My passport is my most important document - it allows me to travel anywhere in the world and as we don't have ID cards in the UK, it is my foremost form of identifcation.

These 3 pairs of scissors are the smallest I own but they are probably the sharpest blades in my collection of scissors.

A pencil sharpener is a very small item but its strength lies in sharpening pencils and crayons which launches us into creativity of various kinds.

I took a photograph of the word strength in the dictionary.  Words are really powerful but they look really small written down.

My phone is small-ish!  But it is powerful.  It links me to my friends and family - especially Andy, Naomi & Crusoe 12,000 miles away.

A spoonful of instant coffee.   Enough said!

My contact lens case and solutions.  These are vital to my being able to see clearly.

And a small toy truck that Crusoe left behind when they left after Christmas.  It sits on my desk next to the computer so I can see it and be reminded of their visit.

What small things pack a punch in your life?

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