Monday 13 February 2017


Last week, as I mentioned in my last post, we went to see snowdrops.  We went somewhere new: Evenley Wood.   It's near Brackley in Northamptonshire.

We have been to snowdrop gardens before where you walk through a smallish carpet of snowdrops but this time there was 60 acres of woodlands to meander through.  The snowdrops appeared in drifts every now and again.   I was initially disappointed but after about 10 minutes began to enjoy the variety of woodland and snowdrops.


I think we were about a week too early to see the snowdrops in their splendour.  And yet there were daffodils almost ready to flower.

There were also tiny cyclamen dotted around.  They were about 3 inches tall.

I was trying to get the raindrops on the branches.

The sun came out and shone onto this Witch Hazel

Having decided we will have to go back in May to see the Azaleas and the end of September to see the Autumn leaves we went to have lunch.  Roger found this excellent pub by the side of the Oxford Canal.

 We had a lovely day.

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  1. What a lovely way to spend a day. You caught the reason drops beautifully. We have a garden near home where they have snowdrop walks, we have never been. Perhaps I should.

  2. What beautiful scenery. Thanks for sharing your day. hugs, Teresa

  3. The potential that is about to spring forth is amazing. I'm so glad you included those pictures. Does that cyclamen have a sweet fragrance? I have bought many over the years but no fragrance. But two years ago I found a tiny cheap one at the grocery and the fragrance filled my living room! It did look like your picture. Just wondered if a naturalized one had fragrance rather than the greenhouse, highly hybridized ones?


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