Monday 13 November 2017

Cutting up a piece of work

Last year I did an Art Cloth course at Littleheath Barn with Liske Johnson.   In my last post about it I said I was going to quilt it.  Well I didn't.  It's been on the back of a chair for months and then I took it back to Littleheath Barn and printed on it some more.

I was still not very keen on the art cloth so I cut it up!  And tried out various compositons using some fabric I had bought (and loved) and not known what to do with.

After some thought and a conversation with Sushi who is a quilter I made some headway with it.  Although first I ordered some more fabric from The Bramble Patch.
The fabric on left, whilst it matched some of the images on the art cloth, was too bright so I decided to use the fabric on the right.

I cut some strips and machined them together.

I cut a strip of the strips and machined it to the art cloth and added the strip at the bttom.

 I did the same with the bottom piece and machined the pieces together.

Then I added the pieces on the right.

Sushi suggested I made a binding with the strips and I've just placed it (rather badly) on the cloth to see what it looks like.

Before I quilt it and bind it I want to print some more over the top of the whole thing to try to integrate the strips into the whole thing and hopefully knock back some of the white.

There's a new Art Cloth course starting in February.And I'm going to be doing it.

Thanks for joining me today.

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  1. I love this Bernice! Beautiful piece and looks like you had fun creating it too!


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