Monday 6 November 2017

Jackie Cardy Workshop

At the end of last month I went to a workshop led by Jackie Cardy.  I went with two friends from Traverse - Dia and Cath.   The workshop was organised by Becca from Textile Explorations.

We started with a practice piece.

 After felting and drying.

Then we moved on to pre-felts which I don't remember ever doing before.  We made double-sided pieces.

In the afternoon we moved on to making our main piece.  This is the background.

I didn't take any photos whilst I was adding the pre-felts so my photos skip to the felted piece.

The piece needed to dry overnight so that we could start sewing the next day.

We started machining on our practice piece.

Between my inability to free machine properly and my dislike of the black thread I didn't get along too happily.  I switched to navy blue which I preferred.  Then I moved on to my main piece.
Photo by Becca Birtles

I really struggled with the stitching because I thought I had to get it really accurate and around the shapes but once it dawned on me that it could look more like this drawing I did, I relaxed a bit.

After the machining I started adding handstitching.

I'm not totally keen on the fact that the uprights are slanting so I may cut it up.  I haven't yet but this is what it would look like using cropped photos.

I loved the technique and may start another piece soon.

Thanks for joining me today.

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