Friday 17 November 2017

Excited for creativity in 2018

There's still 6 weeks or so of 2017 left, but my calendar is filling up already with creative things to do.

As regular readers of my blog are aware I regularly sign up for far too many online courses.  Earlier this year I determined that I would try to do less online and more in-person workshops.  I haven't been totally successful with the online courses but I have booked some great workshops for next year.

Leslie Morgan: Unlocking the Mystery of Creative Play
‘How do I make better work?’ We will look at simple language and principles of design found in the physical world. Working from a personal starting point, discover tools to create contrast and harmony using colour, value, size, shape, and texture. Bring your curiosity to discover what you like and how to achieve the elements you need to work with your theme and create effective compositions.

Amanda Hislop: Developing Sketchbooks as a Rich Resource
A two day creative workshop working with a free approach to generating ideas through a working sketchbook, exploring abstract ideas and personal themes relating to land and seascapes. Explore mark making to develop exciting sketchbook pages, work with loose marks on paper with drawn lines, resist wash and layered tissue to develop a surface to fragment creating a series of abstract images to develop into personal sketchbook pages, with the option to include hand stitch to further enhance the surface.

Debbie Lyddon: Exploring Place
Discover new ways of inspiring your creative work by using all of your senses to observe the world around you. Part of this workshop will be spent outside – looking, listening and touching – to collect information from the environment. This material will be documented with drawing, sound recording and writing. Back in the studio your collections will form a starting point for experiments with paper, cloth, stitch, mark-making, collage and printing to create a unique and personal record of your exploration of place.

Cas Holmes: Spaces Places Traces
The colours and textures in the urban and natural landscape, from light raking over a ploughed field, bright summer flowers, to buildings reflected in water can provide stimulus for the design process involved in the creation of the narrative, formal or abstract qualities in textile and mixed media work. We will use a range techniques from the application of dyes and paints ,to create marks, to informal collage, appliqué involving the bonding of fabrics best described as ‘painting with cloth. This will include the application of sun printing techniques, weather allowing, as part of this explorative process.   These newly created surfaces, with the addition of stitch, will evolve into individual samples and pieces reflecting the locality and places which inspire you.

Julia Triston: Analysing Colour
This is a design workshop all about analysing colour. There will be several practical sketchbook based exercises working with papers, paints and threads. We will investigate compositions, collages, colour proportions and colour distinctions. Students will work at their own pace to develop a range of ‘samples’ which may be used as inspiration for stitched textiles. An ideal workshop for those wishing to develop their design skill basics further and really get to grips with using colour in their work.

Alice Fox: Land Marks
Exploring the wonderful surroundings we will use a variety of ways to record the landscape around us. Using gathered materials in a range of techniques we will make marks that record our experience, bringing these together into tactile book forms.

The first one is in January and the workshops are spaced out across the year as far as September.  I think I need to stop booking classes now!

Thanks for joining me today.

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