Saturday 17 February 2018

Collages at C2C

In my earlier blog post about playing with 6 pieces of paper to make random collages I ended up with this piece.

I photocopied it in black & white.

I enlarged this and made several copies.   I cut two of the copies and joined them together. I then cut the two pieces up expanding them on a black background.

When I had finished gluing it together I looked at it from different angles and decided I liked this way up best:

Then I cut it again and expanded it using a red background.

With another set of photocopies of the original turquoise collage I assembled the two together in a different configuration.

  I cut the two copies again and expanded the pieces.

I decided to keep it in the horizontal view.  However it was obvious that the black spaces were too wide so I started playing with some orange paper.

I got a bit stuck with the composition about now!

After some discussion with the whole group about composition I ended up with this.

The last of the collages I'm sharing with you is the one that I think is the one most likely to be made in fabric although I'm not sure how yet.  It's actually made from bits of left over papers and photocopies.  Leslie helped quite a bit with the composition.  I had looked at samples of her design work and was trying to come up with a rectangular piece that was completely covered in elements.  Leslie suggested taking away bits and not trying to make a perfect rectangle.  We ended up with this which is much more my style.

When I glued the collage down I put it onto a piece of black paper but the black edges are too small.  I've added some more black using a photo editor to see what it might look like and it does improve it.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at some of the activities I played with at Committed to Cloth. I enjoyed it so much I have signed up to go again next January.

Thanks for joining me today.

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  1. Bernice, your collage work just blow my mind! I love what you have done by photocopying and cutting up and then rearranging your work. Incredible!


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