Tuesday 13 February 2018

Playing at C2C

As you know I love to make books so it was lovely at Committed to Cloth to be encouraged to make a book.

The activity started with us attaching a scratchy old paintbrush to a stick and drawing on a large sheet of paper using black India Ink.

When the first side was dry I worked on the other side using diluted ink.  When that was dry I used a needle pen to write words and also added some circles.

I cut the large sheet of paper up into different sizes.

I added orange ink and white acrylic and some painted papers randomly to pages.

I assembled the book and after stitching the signatures together I wouve thread through each of the signature threads to make the book.

Here's a video flip through of the finished book.

Thanks for joining me today.


  1. Looks lovely Bernice. Will you do more or leave it as finished?

    1. I'm leaving it for now because I have so many other ideas to play with. I may get back to it sometime.

  2. WOW! love it Bernice. I like making books too. :)

  3. You amaze me how you step out and try so many different things. I love this book! The splashes of color on top of the black, white and gray and the abstract designs are so intriguing!


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