Tuesday 6 February 2018

More play

Thank you for the comments left on my last post.  I am going to write some more about it on Saturday but in the meantime let's get back to playing at Committed to Cloth.

On the first day of the Unlocking the Mystery of Creative Play, Leslie talked about the principles and elements of design amongst other things.  She suggested various activities that we could try including Splitting Shapes and Colour & Pattern Collage.   If you own Leslie's book 'Finding Your Own Visual Language (written with Jane Dunnewold and Claire Benn), you can find these activities on p12 and p26 respectively.

I opted to do the latter activity first and gathered 6 papers that I had brought with me - mostly gelli plate prints - and a piece of sheet music.  The activity involves cutting the same shape out of each of the 6 papers in the same place and then reassembling each page with a piece from another page and repeating several times.  I took photos at various stages so you can see how the pages developed.

These are the collages after I had cut 3 circles in each paper and reassembled the page.

The fourth circle


I took the last two pages and cut them up, splitting the shapes and reassembling them on black paper.  These were pinned on my design wall.  (Sorry the photo is a bit out of focus.)

On the last day when Leslie was talking about composition, she turned the pieces round and moved them together.

The thing I enjoyed most about doing these collages was that it was pure play.  I had no end in mind, no theme to work towards, just a manipulation of the papers.  And I ended up with something that I could use as inspiration for a textile piece.

Thanks for joining me today.

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