Saturday 23 March 2019

A new project

I am doing a Seasons based course at Littleheath Barn which I realise I haven't shared here but I will do soon.  One of the things that Liske has been suggesting is making a different style of book for each season.  Her Winter book has been a Wabi-Sabi book.   Whilst this style of book doesn't fit with what I am doing for the four seasons, I loved the idea of making such a book.

I have bought lots of rust dyed fabrics and decided I would use those and I stamped and printed circles onto the fabric.  I cut the fabric to the size I wanted them to make a book.

At this point I was just playing with fabric and not really having a plan.  And then the light bulb moment!

I wrote about how I played with some ideas at Committed to Cloth in this blog post. At C2C I was working on the theme of Senses and in particular Taste and oranges and lemons.  The week of play produced this amongst other pieces.

I could see the influence of the work above on the printing I had done on the rust dyed fabric.  Great - I have a theme for the book.

I sorted out the fabrics into pages and was sure I had made 12 pages.  However it turned out to be 11 and then decided rather than have one book, I would make 2 books.

I cut circles and wedges from other fabrics I had and bondawebbed them to the pages.  I had also realised that the book needed some contrast and bought some hand-dyed fabric from Leah Higgins.  I started some free-machining on these pages but soon realised that it's not really my thing - insufficient practise really!   So I am now going to hand stitch on the pages for now.

This is the larger book.  The photos show both sides of the page.  When you sew on one side, the stitching shows up on the other side which is interesting.  But as you can see I'm not good at free machining circles!

I'll show you how I get on with these books in later posts.

Thanks for joining me today.

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