Saturday 30 May 2020

Challenge reminder

Are you going to join in?

Remember I suggested a 30 day challenge for June!

Here are my paints, papers and inks ready to start on Monday.

I am going to make a collage everyday through June.  I'm not going to have a theme, but there will be a colour scheme.  Plus I'm limiting the size to the size of the sketchbook.  The aim is to fill a page each day and maybe at the end I'll have ideas to develop as pieces of work.  But for now, it's just about playing.

Here are a couple of collages I made in January at Committed to Cloth.

I'd love it if you decided to join in. You don't have to do a collage. You can choose any creative pastime you enjoy. I suggest you do something you already know how to do. Stay in your comfort zone for a month. Innovation might come from it, but comfort zones lessen anxiety. However I would definitely limit the size of what you do.

Thanks for joining me today.

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  1. That sounds good fun. Yes I'm up for joining in. I'm ploughing my way through my cabin trying to clear out what I don't want and what takes up too much space. I am rewarding myself with creative time, and I am finally connecting with Wanderlust that I signed up for and have not even checked into - 2019 and 2020! I spent a good part of yesterday and into the early hours watching videos and downloading these because I thought I had until June 1st before I lost them. I afterwards learnt that I now have lifelong access which is brilliant, so instead I made a journal as I watched videos and printed off - guess what? Lots of collage material! So yes that will be fun. I am beginning to sort and organise my art material so I can finally find things I need and that is making me more motivated and wanting to play. I look forward to joining in and will make another journal - or at least gather paper together for now ready to start. Thanks for the idea Bernice.


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