Tuesday 19 May 2020


Can you believe we're over half way through the month of May!  I feel May has gone by quicker than April although I don't know why.

During May I have been doing a challenge of colouring or collaging a one inch square every day.  I've been doing it in my Word of the Year journal.

Although I love working small, an inchie is even too small for me.  So I'm going to set myself a challenge for June.

A 30 day challenge to make a collage every day.   My friend Mary is doing the 100 day project and is producing amazing collages.  You can find her on Instagram @foundonbrighton

I'm going to limit the size of the sketchbook so that I know I can complete a collage each day.   I am going to use a Dina Wakley 6" square sketchbook.   I'm going to continue with the colour scheme I was using for the Virtual Studio ideas plus add some papers, inks and possibly fabric.

I'd love it if you decided to join in.  You don't have to do a collage.  You can choose any creative pastime you enjoy.  I suggest you do something you already know how to do.  Stay in your comfort zone for a month.  Innovation might come from it, but comfort zones lessen anxiety.  However I would definitely limit the size of what you do.

Let me know in the comments if you think you might join in.

I'll post a reminder of the challenge at the end of May.   I'll show my collage pages here on June 9th, June 20th and June 30th. 

Thanks for joining me today.

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