Tuesday 22 September 2020

The Three Rs

Reading, Writing and Receiving.  I know!  It's supposed to be Arithmetic, but I try to avoid numbers especially those on bank statements!  Listening doesn't start with an R so I looked for a synonym and found receiving.

So what am I receiving?  What am I listening to?

On Sundays I listen to the preacher from my church.  During the week I listen to podcasts from Matt Tommey.  On Tuesdays he interviews artists of all kinds and on Fridays he does something called Five Minute Mentoring.

What am I reading?  Or re-reading?

I've just finished re-reading 'Stay the Path' by Bobbie Houston and 'The Gifts of Imperfection' by Brene Brown.   I like to read books very quickly so have to keep re-reading them to be sure I've taken in everything.

I'm also re-reading the D.I. Nikki Galena series on Kindle Unlimited, having just finished re-reading the D.I. Munro series by Pete Brassett.  Next on my list to re-read are Donna Leon's Commissario Brunetti books and another great series, set in Venice, by Philip Gwynne Jones.

What am I writing?

Well, this blog obviously.  I'm also writing two blog posts on creativity for the church blog.  In addition I have set up a zoom & WhatsApp group of writers and poets from church where we encourage one another in our writing.  Here's a poem I wrote earlier!

What am I watching?

I've just finished watching three weeks of the Tour de France.  Despite not having a bike myself I love watching cycle racing.  Strange or what!  Last week Sky Arts moved to Freeview so now I'm watching lots of programmes from there.  There was a great documentary on Madness over the weekend.  The group not a condition!!!!  And tomorrow Bake Off starts - hooray!

I realise that's four questons I've asked myself.  And watching doesn't begin with an R.  Reviewing was the nearest R word I could find.

I've loved thinking about R words, rather than the R rate.  How about you?

What are you receiving, reading, writing, or reviewing?

Thanks for joining me today.

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