Saturday 5 September 2020

Works in Progress

How many pieces of work do you have on the go?

I decided I would try to finish some of mine before I started on anything new.  Of course that only lasted until I did Lisa Walton's Fantastic Fusion workshop recently.

However I have finished some.  I made this wall hanging at Leah Higgin's workshop Print, Stitch, Go in November 2019.  It just needed the binding around the edges .

Last week I cut it up and made it into a cover for a large sketchbook.

Last September I started working on Landscapes with Liske at Littleheath Barn.  I started a couple of pieces but stopped working on them at the end of February.  In fact I think the first piece started at a lutradur workshop in 2016, with additions in 2020!

The sewing is finished.  It needs a card mount and a frame.  It looks large here but it's actually only 19x16 centimetres.

The sewing is finished on this one and just needs a press and a piece of wood - preferably driftwood - at the top as the hanger.  This piece is 16x48 centimetres.

The next piece I tackled was this one.  When I stopped working on it, it looked like this.

I had started handstitching it, but when I came back to it I realised the machine stitching I had done around the squares was very poor.  Plus it didn't speak to me at all.

Regular readers will know what I did next!

Yes!  I took it all apart and cut it up.

I wondered whether I could take some of what I learned on Fantastic Fusion and make something with these pieces.  I put Mistyfuse on the back of all the pieces.

I started laying out the pieces and trying them out.  Moving them to different places to see if that worked.

Eventually I decided I needed to fuse them to a separate piece of fabric that was more or less the right size.

I squared the collage up and continued to add bits.

It eventually looked like this.

Now all I have to do is decided how to stitch it.  I'm going to use the machine and hand stitching.  I'll let you know how I get on.

Thanks for joining me today.

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