Tuesday 29 September 2020

Text, Texture, Textiles

Last week saw the start of new year and a new theme with the Art Textile Group at Littleheath Barn.  The theme for the year is Text, Texture, Textiles.  We started with working on text in our sketchbooks.  I started by using the words walk, path, steps - with 2 crayons taped together.

Using different colours and directions.

Using an italic dip pen and inks

Weaving strips from a magazine page with a paper with writing Simon Sonsino style.

Using a wax candle and watercolour

I drew boxes to experiment with text.

This page is ready for play. It has two rectangles cut out so you can see the page behind.

I played with words cut from the National Trust magazine. As I had two copies of the same magazine, I cut the same words from each. On this page I put the words the right way up and in line.

On the next page I used the same words much more randomly.

These words were taken mostly from the Ramblers magazine.

I scanned the last two pages and printed them out.  I cut the prints into strips and wove them together.

I scanned the weaving into my computer and played with the scale. I printed these out and played again.

I found this page in the National Trust magazine.

I stuck the picture upside down in my sketchbook and stuck squares of the weaving print onto it, having first cut letters out.

I still have all these prints to play with!

Thanks for joining me today.

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