Tuesday 16 March 2021

Just One Day

The photography group theme for this month was 'Just One Day'.  So here is my day in photographs.

 The view from the window when I got up.

I plug in my phone and iPad to charge and then read the day's devotional from Lectio365

Downstairs to have breakfast.  Two Oatibix, an apple and a coffee most days.

Next door's cat surveying his kingdom!  Our garden!!!!

Finishing a book study

Listening to a podcast

Machining a wall hanging

A walk in the garden.  I wish I could capture the birdsong in a photo.

A mid morning coffee with almonds, brazil nuts and dates.

Watching a Carolyn Dube video from Wanderlust 2021

Roger was out so I had baked beans for lunch.  That sounds like I would have eaten him if he'd been at home!!!

Cutting up fabric for a new wall hanging

Trying out the fabrics for the wall hanging

I spent a couple of hours sorting out social media pages for Jubilee Creative.

Cooking the dinner.  Pasta, cooked chicken and a pasta sauce.

Waiting to start the Zoom call with the book study ladies.

I watched SU2C Bake Off and then it was time for bed.

Thanks for joining me today.

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