Saturday 6 March 2021

Saturday Story

What do you think of when someone says they're a Drama student?  I don't know about now, but in the late 1960s people thought that drama students were wild, whacky and weird!  They danced on tables!  They just weren't the same as normal people!   They were thought to be exceptionally extrovert shall we say.

I was a Drama student.  Not at a drama school, but at a teacher training college where Drama was my main subject.  I wasn't extrovert and I didn't dance on tables.  I didn't much like acting but I did like the history of theatre, costume design and being the wardrobe mistress for the end of year play at the end of our 3rd year which acted as our exam.

In addition we could choose from a variety of things and I chose to make a full size costume.  I had to choose a character in a play and make the appropriate costume.  It also had to be modelled.  Here's my friend Kath (in 1970) wearing the costume I made for Sylvia in The Recruiting Officer.

I eventually got to see the play at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre in 1985.

D is for Depression.  I'm not going to talk about it again today but you can find out more about my dealings with depression in theses posts: Time to Talk Day, One Little Word and Mental Health Awareness.

What other D words describe me? I'm a daughter and a daughter-in-law.  I like dogs not cats.  My favourite colour is Duck Egg Blue - which in America is inexplicably called Robin's Egg Blue.  I've taken classes by Dyan Reaveley and Dina Wakley.

What D words describe you?

Thanks for joining me today


  1. A beautiful costume Bernice! We trained to teach at Bretton Hall College of Ed 1967 to 70,which offered many arts subjects...drama, art, music, needlework ( very creative) etc. It was formed under the guidance & inspiration of Sir Alex Clegg. Among the drama students were some big characters, several of whom became actors or writers. John Godber, Mal Storrey and many others. It was a lively place ( yes some did dance on tables) & we had a rich & broad experience there. I was rather cautious & looking back I missed some opportunities, not realising how special it was at the time.Nick was much more adventurous than me & has many lively memories of colourful & creative characters & interaction between different subject groups. We all had modern educational dance classes & Nick was often involved with the music and drama depts as a drummer, altho his course was art. We were privileged to be there. It closed in 2007 with a fantastic gathering of former students & is now the home of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park which is a great place to visit.Thanks for prompting memories!

    1. I remember the educational dance lessons and the hideous black leotard and leggings!!! I've been to the sculpture park. I have to be honest and say I wasn't terribly impressed.


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