Saturday 5 June 2021

A Companion Piece

Last month I told you about a new hanging I am making using fabrics I printed and dyed on the Text, Texture, Tile workshop.

With the fabric I had left over, I cut strips and randomly sewed them together.

I cut the assembled pieces into narrower pieces and laid them out.

Instead of having all the pieces running vertically as in the previous hanging, I tried putting some horizontally.

I tried the pieces in different places and then bgan to sew the strips together.

The bottom half of the hanging assembled, with added narrow blue strips.

I carried on assembling the pieces together.  I really like this with it's strange edges but I think it will probably need to squared off.

I cropped the photograph to see what it would look like.

I have bonded the uncropped version onto acrylic felt and a backing fabric ready to sew.  I'll share the sewing expereince in another post.

See you soon.

Thanks for joining me today

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