Tuesday 28 September 2021

Committed to Cloth

As a thank you for demonstrating printing techniques at the Festival of Quilts the team was invited to spend a day or days at the Committed to Cloth studio.  I had 3 days available but ended up only using two of them, spending the third day as a day out with Roger.

I took with me all the fabrics that I have printed using breakdown printing, either at Committed to Cloth or at Urban Studio North with Leah Higgins.

Leslie and I looked at all my fabrics and took out those that needed more work.  So on day one I printed over the existing fabric using procion dyes.

Above: the original printed fabric from C2C 2018   Below: Over printed and dyed.  Still not a fan of the fabric

1m x 1.5m

Above part of the origianl fabric printed in 2018 which I thought was too bright.

Below mark making with black dye.  The photograph doesn't show the true colour of the fabric - it is much nearer the colour of the original.

1m square

Above: the original print which had too much white.

Below: with added texture

1m x 0.5m

Above:  the fabric was too pale.  I think the photo above was taken before the print paste was washed out as the fabric was definitely paler than this.

Below: added turquoise and a different screen

1m x 1.5m

Above: part of the original print.  Photo taken before it was washed out.

Below: added colour.  Not sure about it, but I expect it will be fin once it's cut up.

1m x 0.5m 

Next time: all about the fabrics I cut up and reassembled!

Thanks for joining me today.

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