Tuesday 3 August 2021

Thermofax printing

Last week I spent Thursday afternoon and Friday afternoon demonstrating printing on fabric with Thermofax screens and thickened dye, at the Festival of Quilts.  You can find out more about Thermofax screens at screens4printing.

I used a scraper or a sponge roller to push the dye through the screen.

I also used stencils.

I built up layers over layers - not waiting for anything to dry.

My aim was to cover all of the white fabric.

On Friday I bought a new screen.  I also started on a new piece of white fabric.

The wet dye always looks much darker than when the whole piece is washed out and ironed.

And here are the two pieces of fabric washed out.  This is a metre.

And this was a half metre

Now to think what I might make with it all.

Thanks for joining me today

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