Saturday 28 August 2021


A week ago we went to Leicester to look at a new-to-me car.  After a test drive where we got lost - despite the copious directions the salesman had given us - we decided that I would buy the car.

We could have driven it home that afternoon but we didn't.  Instead we went into the centre of Leicester and had lunch at The Globe.  We were amazed to see how lovely the city centre is.  We had not expected it to be old.  The Lanes were lovely.

After lunch we went to the Richard III visitor centre.

Sadly the Cathedral was closed by the time we had done that so we didn't get to see inside.

We walked down to the river.  I rather liked this building's mix of old and new.

We walked through Castle Gardens past this imposing building.

Then back to the car and the drive home.

We went back to pick up the car this week.

Thanks for joining me today

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