Tuesday 24 August 2021

Photo Scavenger Hunt

As we are not meeting in August, the ladies in my photography group decided that we would use Mary-Lou's Summer Scavenger Hunt list for our theme from mid-July to mid-September.

The full scavenger list is available here.

When we went out last week for my birthday I took the list with me and with three taken at home this is how far I have got.

3 Something to Represent Home but not the building
This set of keys has my home front door key and the key for my 'home from home' friends' house in Florida.  It's on a key ring chosen by my daughter-in-law as one of the gifts from their wedding.

5 The Art of the Fold
This is part of a wall hanging I made many years ago

7 What's in Bloom
Plants in the border at the Botanical Gardens

8 Window Views
Looking through the window to a wedding dress fair

9 Something Older Than You
A boundary marker from 1852

11 The Shape of Round/Circular
A bench at the Botanical Gardens

12 Something That Is Cause For Celebration
My birthday!

17 An Exit
Leaving th Botanical Gardens

Thanks for joining me today

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