Tuesday 15 November 2022

Map fabrics

After a great deal of procrastination I actually got round to starting a couple of things that have been on my mind for a while.   Some fabric collages and a new fabric book using my fabrics made at the Summer School in July.

These were some of the pieces of fabric I had left.

I tore up some of the fabric to make 10cm squares

I added smaller bits of the other fabrics, some Ordnance Survey map and some of the paper grid I had made.  I now have to decide how I will stitch them.

I tore up more of the fabric to make 'pages' for a book.  There will be two pieces of fabric page bonded together to be double sided.

These pieces will be the cover.  The fabric was part of the drop cloth I used when I was printing the other fabrics.

I'm still working out what I am going to do on each 'page' and then how I am going to make the pages stiffer, if necessary.  I need to wait to see how floppy they are once they are stitched.

Thanks for joining me today

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