Tuesday 6 December 2022

A Fabric Collaged Book

Continuing with my map themed fabrics, a while ago I started making a fabric book.    I fused some fabrics I wasn't going to use onto the backs of all the pages.  I laid them out on the table.

I started placing collages on the pages.  Fortunately I could leave them all out on the table so I could walk away and keep coming back to them.  This makes the composition much easier.

It also means that some of the collages may change over the time.

All the collages are done now and I used a glue stick to temporarily attach the layers to each other and to the page.

They are all ready to hand stitch.  I may well machine stitch them as well.

I am also contemplating using the What3words little paper book I made as the inspiration for what I do with this fabric book I put together from one piece of printed fabric.

Watch this space!

Thanks for joining me today.

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