Saturday 3 June 2023


Pronounced Quimbra!

The train journey from Lisbon was fantastic and it only cost us 10 Euros each - we got half price tickets.  Yeah!

We arrived in the afternoon so after checking into the hotel we had a walk along the river.  We had a trip on the river in a replica old boat.

We had a walk through the lower part of the town

After dinner we went up to the rooftop of the hotel to look at the city.

Next day we checked out but left our luggage at the hotel.  We walked up the steep streets to the Old Cathedral.

Old Cathedral

And up again to the New Cathedral

Then up again to the University - only to find that the ticket office for entry to the university buildings was back next to the New Cathedral.  It took Roger an hour to get the tickets!

Still the view was worth it.

Then we wandered our way back to the hotel through the Botanic Garden.

Having collected our luggage we took the train to Porto.  I decided we would go First Class.  The extra  cost was only 2 euros each.  I wished I'd bought First Class seats for the previous day's journey.

So now we were over halfway through our anniversary trip.  5 nights in Lisbon, 1 night in Coimbra and now 5 nights in Porto.

Our time in Porto coming up.

Thanks for joining me today

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