Tuesday 20 June 2023

Folded book

Another finished book! I'm really on a roll here.

This is another of the silk noil books.  The silk noil had been dyed using an ice dye which at the time felt unsuccessful, but actually the marks that were made looked like rust and decay and really fit my canal theme.  I added some of the words of my canal poem through a thermofax screen.

I printed out some contact sheets of my photos onto silk and organza.  The photo shows the fabric on the left and the backing paper on the right.  The backing paper might turn up in collages at some point.

I also printed out a sheet onto Bondaweb.

I bonded some of the printed fabrics onto the pages.

I also tore up the printed Bondaweb and bonded it to the page.

I bonded two 'pages' back to back and folded them. This book is now 11.5x12 cms.

You may have noticed that I have not put any stitches on the pages.  I felt the pictures I had put on were so straight edged that stitches would look odd.

I put two of the pages together to make signatures.  I had made 7 pages so I left out the one I liked least.  I stitched the signatures.

Then I wove through the stitches to bind the 3 signatures together.  This is not one of my best weavings as the original thread through the signatures was not sufficient to cope with the weaving.

I may at some point cut the weaving off and redo the whole binding but for now it will do.  I have several other books to finish first.

Thanks for joining me today

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