Saturday 24 June 2023

Tunnel book

I am calling this silk noil book - Tunnel Book. Mostly so I can identify it amongst the other silk noil books.  The fabric was all torn up and ready to go.

More often than not I start something without knowing the end result.  I know it will be a book and the pages will be of a certain size because I've already prepared the fabric, but from that point on it's a mystery.  Little things like how the pages will be joined together or how the whole book will be finished happen as I go along.  It's not always the best way to work but on the whole it works for me.

As with the previous book I had put pieces of printed bondaweb onto the silk noil pages.

I made small fabric collages on each of the pages.

Then I stitched over the collages using extended fly stitch and sveral different colours and thicknesses of thread.

Next time I will show you how I put all these together as a book.

Thanks for joining me today

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