Saturday 27 April 2024

Lunch Crawl part 2

On my second day I drove the short distance from Lacock to Corsham.  It turned out that Corsham is also used for filming.  Apparently it featured in Poldark.  I wouldn't know since I don't watch it.  Anyway it's a fabulous place.

I met up with my friend Becca and after a coffee we went round the Bath Textiles exhibition.  Becca has this amazing piece hanging there.

After that we went off to lunch at The Flemish Weaver.  Then I went by myself to look round Corsham Court.  Sadly no photography was allowed so I can't show you the most phenomenal plasterwork ceiling.  It's the best such ceiling I have ever seen - and I've seen a great many.

After another night at the Sign of the Angel, I drove to Salisbury.  I had great problems with the satnav on my phone as it decided I was in Trowbridge when I was at least 15 miles south. In the end I had to phone Esther and she acted as the satnav to get me to her house.

We walked into Salisbury and went round the Cathedral.

We had lunch together and then Esther went off to do the school run and I went round Mompesson House.  

After getting soaking wet in a cloudburst I made my way back to my car and drove to my hotel.

So there we have it, three lunches in three days with three different friends.  Fabulous.

And there's still one day left of my little jaunt around Wiltshire.

Next time - no lunch, but a canal, a walk and another National Trust property.

Thanks for joining me

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