Wednesday 8 October 2014

First Ever

This was my first ever blog post on NewlyCreative.  26th January 2008
Today is going to be a day of firsts ~ I hope. Certainly the first time I've set up a blog. I read Kelly Rae Roberts' article in Cloth Paper Scissors and thought I would have a go. Where will it lead?

10-ish years ago I finished my City & Guilds Creative Embroidery Part 2 and continued to embroider for a little while. I had little or no confidence in my art ability and eventually life and work got busy and put it all away. I sold some of my books and the materials and gave lots of stuff away. However as my son was doing art at school all the paints, crayons and mixed-media stuff remained in the cupboards.

Last August I realised that I needed to get creative again. I'll blog that experience another time. Anyway ~ I signed up to do the online course 'Creative Sketchbooks'. My tutor is Catherine Nicholls and she is sooooooo supportive. The first few modules were about technique and it has been great to revisit things I knew and to discover new ideas. At the end of Module 8 I had to research the use of sketchbooks. My view had been that sketchbooks were where you experimented with ideas for a larger piece of work. However during the research I found out about Art Journals ~ what joy. I've bought some books and I've start my journal already. One of the pages is about the fact that I recently resigned from my job as Church Administrator. I will leave on 31st March after nearly 13 years.

I have no idea what I am going to do. I know I will have time to spend doing creative things. Watch this space!


  1. Welcome to the Art Army! We look forward to seeing what you create!

  2. Good luck with all of your endeavours. I know how wonderful it is to recapture that creative feeling - I'll be looking out for you over on Shimelle's forums :)