Saturday 18 October 2014


During the week I went to The Bramble Patch with  my friend Helen to take a workshop with Gillian Travis.  I love doing workshops with tutors who are passionate about their subject but who are also willing to share their knowledge so that you learn from all their experiments  including their mistakes - giving us a fast track if you like to the results.  Gillian is exactly one of those - not only sharing her knowledge but allowing us to photograph her work and trace her drawings so we could use the shapes.  This is some of her work.

You can see more here.

We started the workshop being shown about Notan and Counterchange.  We used small squares of paper and worked in our sketchbooks.  I took photos of each stage rather than making each stage.

And then went totally mad

I worked in fabric after that using batik type cotton.  Rather than making each square separately I used one piece of backing fabric.  This should now be put onto wadding and machined.  These are 4 inch squares.

Then I tried another version still not strictly adhering to the instructions - which actually made it more difficult for me!   These are 3 inch squares.

So I have taken the idea and started working on these pieces.  I almost followed the instructions.  I made the 2.5 inch squares up in the way that we had been taught but instead of using wadding I've used pelmet vilene.  This may well make it more difficult to free machine but we'll see.

Currently they are very monotone but a visit today to a quilt shop might supply some other fabric!

I'll let you know how I get on.

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