Monday 6 October 2014

Pause, Ponder & Prepare

Advent is a time to pause, ponder and prepare to celebrate the birth of our saviour Jesus Christ. 

The birth of Jesus Christ more than two thousand years ago is more than just a’s the fulfilment of a promise, a life transforming event.

When we come to celebrate the Advent season this year Diane and I invite you to transform your preparation of Christmas from one of commercial expectations/ obligations to one of personal transformation and spiritual affirmation by creating a faith devotional and/or an advent calendar.  However we know how busy everyone gets in December and so we are running a dedicated blog Pause, Ponder & Prepare through November with some preparation posts in the last week of October.  Find out more here.

The purpose of this journey is to honour God in prayer, reflection, and create art about His holy words and the gift of Jesus’ birth.  Show your gratitude for his gift of a saviour to us.  It is our hope that by spending your time in November to create a devotional or advent calendar you will be able to pause and ponder in December and reclaim the true meaning of Christmas- celebrating Jesus birth. 

Read the scriptures with your imagination. Focus on the images - light, stars, crowns, the wise men, your heart, the baby, the songs and the people and enter into the poetry of the Bible. Even if you have not used techniques such as writing, art journaling, or scrapbooking, allow yourself to experiment with them this year. There is no magic in the techniques, they are just a tool - a way to consciously place you in God’s presence and allow Him to create through your hands and heart.

May your Christmas be radically different this year as you take the time to see the Christ in Christmas and the faithart you create will be a lasting testimony and legacy of your advent faith walk and His transforming power.

Join us on our blog at Pause, Ponder & Prepare and at our Facebook group Pause Ponder and Prepare.

Visit Diane's blog to see the video she has prepared for Pause, Ponder & Prepare.

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  1. I discovered your site through Pinterest this morning and have been exploring it off and on today. I just sent a friend the link to you and I know she will love you too. After reading a post or two this morning, I bought some stencils and inks. I love the way you make your backgrounds. I am sooooo inspired! I just peeked at your post above about Advent. I need to go back and read it now. Thank you for the gift of your blog! I look forward to our future connections! ~Joni Possin Wisconsin, USA


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