Thursday 10 November 2011

In no particular order ~ 10 on the 10th

If you're not a Strictly Come Dancing fan I should look away now!

Here are 10 of my favourite moments from Strictly.

Tom & Camilla's Showdance in 2008

Mark & Karen's Argentine Tango

Chris & Ola's Charleston


Alesha and Matthew's Waltz

Pamela and Jame's Viennese Waltz

Matt & Aliona's Charleston to the amazing 42nd Street

Kara & Artem's Argentine Tango

Jason & Kristina's Quickstep

Holly & Artem's American Smooth

Gethin & Camilla's Waltz

So what have been your highlights?

To find links to other people's 10 things go to Shimelle's blog


  1. Oh my goodness, what a great post, yes I am a Strictly fan! I will be back after work to watch your video's and think of 'my favourite moments' Love it!

  2. As far as I know this show isn't aired out here, which is a shame, the videos looked such fun. Great idea for ten on the tenth!

  3. I've bookmarked this post so I can come back and watch the clips when I have more time. I like the dancing on Strictly but Bruce's jokes annoy me so much I can't watch the program! x

  4. Love how you posted all the clips. Very interesting list!

  5. wow I love this, I should be making the tea but I know what I want to do, Mark and Karen's argentine tango was my fav!

  6. Jennifer I'm with you - how annoying are the presenters?! I watch on iplayer and skip through the links - I like the dances though.

    I journalled about my favourite SCD moments in JYC last year, and love your list too Bernice. I also loved: Mark and Karen's first salsa, Gethin's Salsa, Alisha's Cha Cha Cha and Ricky Whittle's waltz with Nathalie (she loved him so much; she said just afterward "that was the most perfect moment of my life").

  7. Great idea for a post :) I am not a massive fan although it has been better since Claudia joined.


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