Wednesday 2 January 2013

Off to a great start

Yesterday I got my 'art' on!

Several of the classes I have signed up for began.  You may remember I wrote about some of them here.

I decided I would use one of my Dylusions Journals (yes I have two!) to work in and firstly did my January calendar page.
You can find out about the Calendar pages from Kate Crane.

Then I moved on to Lifebook 2013.  The first task was to invent a Fairy Art Mother.  So hurdle number 1 as I don't do faces! Or people!   I don't draw them them, collage them, do anything with them in my art work. I like looking at other people's art with faces in but I just don't do it.  So after a lot of mumbling and muttering and some good advice from a Facebook friend I did a Fairy Art Butterfly!

And the second part of the lesson was to celebrate our blessings and to set some goals.  However if you get the opportunity to look at Tam's original for the lesson or any of the students work you will find that mine is nothing like it.  

Where do I get this non-conforming streak from?   Was it because I was a Methodist when I was younger? lol.

Anyway I did do the required watercolour and salt technique. Oh, except I used Dylusions Spray Inks instead of watercolour paints.  I tried a sample piece first which is what I punched the heart balloons from.
I have my blessings with me in the hot air balloon and my goals are on my heart balloons.  We were asked to include a photo of ourselves but, you know!  Anyway imagine I'm in the hot air balloon and it's so far away you can't actually distinguish that I'm there!

And on to Journal Candy.  And guess what.  Yes, that's right - faces.  Rachelle assures me that it won't matter!  Just as well.  Anyway here's as far as I've got with the first exercise.  I used my One Little Word for 2013 on these pages.

We only had to get as far as the pencil drawing on the paint and gesso background.

Rachelle's My Candy class starts tomorrow so there's still time to sign up.  I'm really looking forward to that.

And lastly One Little Word started with Ali Edwards on Big Picture Classes.  I haven't decided what format I'm going to use for that.  It is mostly a scrapbooking class but I could art journal it.  I've got all month to do it in so we'll see.

Thanks for popping by.  See you soon.



  1. You've been busy. The last one reminds me of the song 'Alive, Alert, Awake, Enthusiastic.'
    Coming from another with a Methodist upbringing, I see nothing wrong with being a non-conformist, in fact I think it is the way to go.

    BTW...if you want to get rid of a dylusions journal I know of a good home for one...:D

  2. Doesn't it feel great? I've been creative the last few days myself! I really like doing art journal pages for my one little word. One year I did a deck of 52 altered playing cards around my OLW, and it was great fun.

  3. It's great to see that you've joined Lifebook 2013. Hope to see you there x

  4. You have been so creative already this month, Bernice and we're only three days in! Your Dylusions page is so full of zest and excitement! Look forward to seeing over at One Little Word ...


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